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Thanksgiving Special Saturday Night 2017

The Thanksgiving special from Saturday Night Live (SNL) will feature a collection of the best turkey day skits on the show over the years. Quite a bit of the live episode that aired on Nov. 18 had a Thanksgiving tilt to it, so theoretically a few of those segments could make the cut. But I would bet that SNL goes a bit deeper into its archives than that. After all, they have been doing this kind of thing for a long time. Over the many years of SNL shows, there have been a few Thanksgiving-ish scenes that are a bit more fresh.

Thanksgiving Special Saturday Night 2017 Live

What: A Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving Special
When: Wednesday, Nov. 22 2017, 9 p.m. ET
Where (TV): NBC
Where (Streaming): NBC

Thanksgiving Special Saturday Night 2017

This sketch from 2010 paid homage to the spirit behind Thanksgiving while embracing a hilarious bit of one-upsmanship from a few of its characters.

 If they want to go a bit deeper into the archives, this skit really plays with the awkward family reunion side of the holidays. It features names that are fairly well-known today (mainly Bill Murray, to be honest), and aired way back in 1979.

While there obviously isn’t a traditional musical guest for the SNL Thanksgiving Special, there have been a few thanksgiving inspired songs over the years. Chance the Rapper performed one during his hosting gig just this past weekend. Adam Sadler began a tradition of Thanksgiving songs on SNL in 1992, and one has been featured on the show almost every year since. In fact, Saturday Night Live tried to make it a tradition (and mostly succeeded). Some songs have been performed by the actual musical guests and others by the SNL cast doing their impersonations. You can find a few other examples of SNL Thanksgiving songs here.